Committee Roles and Responsibilities 2018

The Chamber is very much a delivery orientated organisation with a lean team which depends upon the active engagement of its Committee to meet its objectives.

This includes attendance at Committee meetings, monthly meetings, town meetings and events. Specific roles of each Committee member are listed below, there is also a full set of possible duties in which Committee members should become engaged.

If you would like to put yourself forward for one of these posts, which are being voted on at our AGM on 05 February, please contact the Secretary.

Expectation of all Committee members

Attending at least 8 of the 12 evening meetings held each year. Currently evening meetings take place from 17.30 to 19.30 on the first Monday of each month.

Attending at least 8 of the 12 monthly committee action group meetings.

Attending Chamber events as a Committee member (Goose Fair, Business Shows, networking events) at a minimum of one per year

Over and above that already listed, Committee members are asked to attend Chamber events to gain an understanding of the offering and to engage with members. This should include at least one “Meet the Chamber” and at least one “What is your Chamber doing for you?” event and at least four breakfast networking meetings per year.

Being a member of one of a number of task and finish groups that may be created to carry out specific initiatives for a limited period – typically for no more than three months

Supporting the Chamber Committee in the management of certain aspects of Chamber business through attendance at specific types of meetings and events. This includes acting as the Chamber’s formal representative at external meetings.

Responsibilities for specific roles

Chairs meetings of the Committee and the full Chamber

Provides leadership to the Committee

Ensures that the Chamber maintains positive and productive relationships with all media, town and district councillors, funders and other relevant governmental and non-governmental organisations

Serves as primary spokesperson for the Chamber, including representing the Chamber in the media and within town focussed meetings, discussion and planning committees

Monitors the finances of the Chamber in conjunction with the Treasurer

Evaluates, annually, the performance of the Chamber in achieving its goals

Supports the Committee and sub committee in achieving goals, aims and objectives


Management of Chamber records

Make contact with organisations or individuals as requested by the Committee

Respond to communications received by the Chamber, and forward to relevant Committee member

Arrange venues for Committee and full Chamber meetings

Attend all monthly meetings, the AGM and any EGM, and take minutes

Keep a record of attendance of these meetings

Share the minutes/actions arising from the last meeting with the Committee


Maintain an overview of the organisation’s financial affairs, ensuring its viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are implemented and maintained

Keep an accurate account of all monies received and paid out on behalf of the chamber making sure a receipt is obtained including membership payments

Bank all monies received in a timely manner

Liaise with the Committee about relevant financial matters

Ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place

Make a full presentation of the accounts at the Chamber AGM

Respond to Committee and Chamber members enquiries relating to financial matters in a full and timely manner.

Maintain the Chamber’s membership list and make sure it is provided via the members website for access by paid-up members so as to facilitate networking among members

Carry out audits of the membership to maintain accurate records and to prepare invoices for Chamber membership

Provide receipts and maintain petty cash records

Digital Officer

Manage the Chamber website, adding events and content as appropriate ensuring the ethos of the Chamber is maintained

Create a quarterly newsletter that can be made available in print as well as via social media

Add new blogposts related to the newsletter

Post appropriate content regularly on the Chamber’s social media accounts

Send out two email reminders for evening meetings, to include the Agenda (from Secretary),timed at one week and 24 hours before the meeting

Gather statistics regarding social media in the form of a report to be presented at Committee meetings and to be made public through the newsletter

Implement and maintain an annual membership engagement survey

Update and maintain membership and subscriber lists on Mailchimp, with information from the Treasurer, adding and removing members as appropriate/requested

Meeting Representatives

Assist the Committee by gathering information, researching, creating reports and attending outside agency meetings as applicable

Receive communications and issues from Chamber members that may require further investigation and lobbying

Work with identified committee members and chamber members to develop strategies and lobby with identified committee

Bring conclusions to committee meeting and members

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